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The Deep book review

The DeepThe Deep by Nick Cutter

What to say about Nick Cutter’s, The Deep?
Hmm . . . I’m caught between saying I enjoyed it and saying it was a waste.
Nick Cutter is a writer that I’ll revisit indefinitely. His ease with words is astounding and so alluring that the second I start to read, I’m lost in his fictional world. He builds well-rounded and intricate storylines with believable and authentic characters. So what was it about this book that left me on the edge of unsatisfactory?
The protag, Luke Nelson, lives in a plague-riddled world where the ‘Gets claims its victims by a slow decay of the mind where people forget. They forget whole concepts like breathing and simply living. So when Luke hears that his renowned scientific brother is working on a possible cure and needs Luke’s help, Luke doesn’t hesitate.
Deep in the Marianna Trench, Luke dives eight miles under water with a trained combatant soldier named Alice to find out why communication with his brother and other scientists have suddenly stopped. Together they battle something more sinister than the ‘Gets that also preys on the mind, but instead of erasing their memories it brings forth and forces them to relive their deepest fears.
This book is filled with epic suspense that wills you to turn the page and at the same time wanting nothing more than to hide it away so as not to experience its fictional threats.
So, again, why wasn’t it the best Nick Cutter book yet? I suppose the ending. I spent hundreds of pages experiencing what these characters went through and learning about their past and the struggles they went through to survive both physically and mentally. Then, ugh, the unexpected happens and I’m left feeling slightly cheated.
I’m not saying don’t read the book. I’m saying it’s not his best, in my opinion. But, like I said, I will continue to read his books. He’s too great an author not too!

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