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Creative Writing Class

Hello, my creative souls!

I want to give an update on my writing progress. It’s taken me a while to juggle all the new things in my life, all positive, and all writer/reader related. I recently started a bookstagram account, linked here, I’ve created this blog that I have yet to understand all of its working functions, upped my reading game trying to bust out some reader reviews on good reads, linked here, and last, and most exciting, I’ve joined a local creative writing group!

Needless to say, it has been a doozy. However, I’ve never been more motivated. I didn’t sign up for the class necessarily to learn anything that I didn’t know before, although that was a genuine hope, but to push myself by having deadlines and an audience for my writing. I’ve shared with others online and have grown somewhat of a thick skin when it comes to feedback. But face to face is different.

I awaited the first day of class with knots in my stomach and a dread in my heart. Know what I found when I arrived? A group of individuals who are encouraging, diverse, and brilliant. Each with their own unique point of view revealed through their equally unique voices. My first thought was, how could I compete? But, you know what? I don’t have to! These people cheer me on and give me a truthful critique on every assignment. They compliment my abilities and offer their help to strengthen my weaknesses.

Joining this class has made an impact in my self-appreciation. I know I have good stories rattling around in my brain. I know the aesthetics of story-telling. What I didn’t know was how much habit plays a part in my writing success. By setting a goal of at least ten minutes of writing a day, I’ve seen my abilities flourish when before I’d become frustrated with myself and cease to write altogether.

Short stories and flash fictions are our weekly assignments, some of which I’ll share here. But it is my fingers at the keyboard and the sound of the clicks of the keys creating words on the page that has been most encouraging. That feeling it gives me to create a story is energetic and addicting. I’m drawn into the worlds of my creations and make myself at home.

I think it’s important to have a team of support behind each writer. I’ve been part of a few such as which is a fantastic community of writers. It’s where I began my writing adventures. It is exclusive and you must pay an annual fee to join but it comes with benefits. Click the link to learn more. I was also briefly a part of another local writer group, I enjoyed the comradery but it was too large a group for me. I felt lost amongst the others. Whatever your comfort is, I encourage you creatives out there to find a like-minded, supportive community!

If you’d like to learn more about me click here.


5 thoughts on “Creative Writing Class”

    1. I’m glad you’ve found some inspiration from it. I think its ignorant to find a circle of other creative’s to share your journey with. I appreciate those who read my work and tell me they like it, but the ones who critique me and give me ways to improve are the ones who truly inspire me. Thanks!

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