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Blood Cure Review

Blood CureBlood Cure by K.R. Willis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I finished this book a week ago but put off reviewing it because I wanted my thoughts to be unbiased. K.R. Willis is a local author and I bought Blood Cure in support of her. However, I did not want the reasoning behind my purchase to influence my review.
I was worried that if I came out right and said, ‘I loved it!’ it wouldn’t be authentic. But you know what, I did love it. It was fun, fast paced, all wrapped around the world that coexists with the supernatural one. I read it fast and wished for more when it was over, as any good book should entice. There were a few aspects of the book I found problems with but I’ll get to those.
Keira Blackwater’s world revolves around the mechanic shop she owns, her two best friends, a nonexistent dating life, and oh, yeah, donating her mystical blood that has the only power to cure supernaturals. When a couple of werewolves show up dead, Keira finds herself the focus of revenge from their pack. Invoking the help of a vampire, Leo, and her friends they set off on a journey to reveal the truth behinds Keira’s blood, her puma tattoo that magically comes to life, and the past that her family has so strongly tried to hide.
Sounds good, right. Well, it is.
The negative of this story is that it is entirely plot-driven. There is hardly breathing room and character development between action scenes. At first, this was disconcerting, but as the story led on I found myself almost skimming to the next piece of the action. This is a series, and I feel that K.R. built up an incredible journey for Keira and her readers. If the next book is slower paced and she expands on her characters, I can see this easily being a series I’ll read time and again.

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