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Four Ways out of a Writer’s Slump

Hello, creatives!

Today I thought I’d share the four ways I draw up inspiration when my muse refuses to cooperate.


  1. Ambient Mixer

This amazing app transfers me from my laptop to thousands of different atmospheres. If I want to study in the Gryffindor Common Room, I’m there. If I need the pitter patter of a light rain, I can hear it with the click of a button. Am I writing a scene on a ship? There is an atmosphere for that! Ambient Mixer plays on our sense of sound to transport us into our scenes, and I’ve found it peeks my muse’s interest.

The downside to the app is that it only plays if the app is open. So, no closing it or the atmosphere is broken. Not a big deal if your phone offers split screen though.

  1. Picture Prompts

When my WIP feels overwhelming and I’m not sure where or how to continue, I search for a good picture prompt. I find intriguing pictures from Pinterest or Instagram, and base a flash fiction piece or short story around the image. It keeps my mind churning with new ideas and characters, which in turn sparks new inspiration for my novel.

  1. Read

When that pesky self-doubt rains on my sunshine, I pick up a book. Reading a well-developed story alongside strong prose and interesting characters stirs my motivation more than anything else. Books are gasoline for writers. I fill myself with stories, let the ones I love to act as fuel towards my own writing. It’s almost a type of jealousy that pulls at those hopes of completing my novel. And just like that *snaps fingers* I’m back in the writer’s seat and letting loose the words.

Read outside of your comfort zone, expand genres, authors, read indie authors, and short stories. The more you read the more diverse your writing will become.

Read, Read, Read!

  1. Write the Damn Thing

Sometimes inspiration alludes me completely no matter what I do, it refuses to rise to the occasion. I’ll give her the same cold shoulder and turn my back on writing all together. I’ll be sucked into whatever latest Netflix show captures my attention. I surf Instagram and Pinterest, I do anything to keep my mind off how stuck I am in my WIP. The one thing that rescues me from the depths of this self-doubt and frustration is WRITING!

I recently put off writing a scene for three days because, even though I knew what needed to happen, I couldn’t draw a straight line from A to B. Everything I thought felt forced. I finally sat my butt down and gave myself a goal of 1500 words. I knew it was unachievable without my muse by my side, but it was still something to strive for.

The first sentence formed on the heels of the previous, and so it went until I felt my fingers flying across the keyboard. Not only did I double the word count but in the process, I developed a solution for a plot hole that I’ve struggled to fill for the past month!


Maybe I needed those days off to gather my wits before returning. I’m not sure if that is true. What is true is that WRITING is what brought me to this outcome. WRITING is what sparked the inspiration, and WRITING is what will ultimately continue to drive my imagination!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped a few of you who are feeling uninspired. I’d love to hear how you pull yourself out of a writer’s slump!


10 thoughts on “Four Ways out of a Writer’s Slump”

  1. Thank you for the tips. My usual way of overcoming a slump is to go for a long walk. Somewhere interesting or quiet, whether it’s raining or the suns shining, I can usually find something inspirational or conjure a resolution to a difficult plot. I find the fresh air and the change of scenery helps. 🙂


  2. Love this post! Thank you. Picture promts are my substitute muse 😉 I love that you can give a room of people the same picture and not one story will be the same. Definitely going to try out the app. Sounds great.


    1. I love that too! I took a creative writing course and one prompt was a single sentence and I was amazed at how different the stories were between the six of us. Yes, the app is petty awesome. I hippie you enjoy it and thanks for reading and commenting! Glad I could help.

      Liked by 1 person

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