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in a dark, dark wood Book Review

In a Dark, Dark WoodIn a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book dragged me along with it’s perfectly paced suspense.
When Nora receives an invite to a hen weekend from Clare, a friend she’s not spoken to in ten years, she’s baffled and ready to delete the message and forget about it altogether. But a mutual friend offers a pact: she’ll go if Nora does.
When Nora makes the trip into the deep woods, she finds an elegant, yet, unnerving glass house and some unexpected friends of the bride to be.
Nora soon finds out that her old friend is to wed her high school sweetheart. Things become more complicated, and between the dissimilarities of the other invitees, the odd tracks in the snow, and the shotgun mounted in plain view, Nora regrets her decision of accepting the invite.
This story is told in the present, where we find Nora battered and bruised while being treated in the hospital after a car crash, and past, where we follow Nora’s invite to the hen weekend and the aftermath of that fatal decision.
Nora can’t recall the moments before the crash and who has been hurt, but she does know she’s a suspect in a homicide case. Her freedom relies on her account of that night, but can she remember in time before she’s arrested?
Intriguing, right? Ruth Ware laid out a path of strategically placed crumbs that had me yearning for the whole cookie. The character’s lives shift from scene to scene to subtly that you don’t realize how each moment builds momentum to the climax, but you do want more.
I do have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the end. Perhaps it’s because I’m a chronic plot picker, but I wasn’t surprised at the big reveal. I do wish the true culprit was better hidden. This book had all the makings to have a better ending than it did.
This was a good read with mediocre suspense, but with great writing. Ruth Ware is an author I’ll put back on my tbr shelf.
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