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The Leopard King- Book Review

The Leopard King (Ars Numina, #1)The Leopard King by Ann Aguirre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was nothing that I expected and everything that I wanted.
I bought Leopard King to ease the anxiousness rising in anticipation of Vanguard, a new book in her Razorland series yet to be released. I knew nothing of the premise but expected to be awed by Aguirre’s storytelling abilities.

This is a romance, a genre I am unfamiliar with but after reading I am determined to become a fanatic! This is the first in Ars Numina, a six-part series, and a book I consider an ‘in between’ read. It is a feel-good book filled with love and a happy(ish) endings. It is an easy, fun read that serves as the perfect buffer after a soul impacting book or epic read in which you need something that makes you smile (and blush) *fans the heat rising in my cheeks*.

Leopard King is told in two points of view.

Pru, a lament among other pride mates with the ability to shift into their feline counterparts, is tasked with the responsibility of recovering Dom from his three-year grief-stricken stupor and back to being Pride Master to lead negotiations with their neighboring allies.

Dom, the inconsolable Leopard King who stalks the halls of an abandoned fortress on top of a lonely mountain, wallows in the loss of his murdered mate. When Pru shows up, tensions rise, wounds are reopened but also begin to heal. In the ashes of a failed flame, a new love flickers to life.
Pru and Dom come down from the mountain and Dom reclaims his right, which also leaves him to form new peace treaties for his people and allies. But not all of Dom’s allies are what they seem and the truth of Dom’s murdered mate and Pru’s best friends come to light. With an attack on their community and hostility on the rise, will Dom and Pru’s fragile relationship bear the burdens and save their people or will war break out and threaten to crumble their newly formed love?

The story was intriguing and the world-building was effortless. The prose is nothing flowery or prophetic but the book is peppered with memorable quotes and perfect analogies. If you are not shy of *cough* intimate scenes and cheesy love stories then this book is the perfect buffer!
The reason I give Leopard King three stars is because I can’t see myself recommending this book outright. It is adult content and very blush-worthy. But yes, I still enjoyed the story!

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