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A Writer’s Choice

Genre of Choice


Writing is a release; it is a way to express your highest opinions, deepest wishes, and inner demons. We all have our own voice, and we all have our own personal preference to how and what we write. This holds true to our genre of choice.

My stories take a form of their own and I write as I see fit, depending on the truth or lies I wish to tell. I write what I write what I write. I have written comedy, contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, fairytale, nonfiction, and more. Each genre has their respective blueprints and it’s fun to jump around and play with different styles.

But there is one genre whose waters are always warm and inviting and is easiest to dip my toes into.

My mind has always teetered on the edge of darkness. Since I was a child, my imagination grew deep roots. Instead of following it up into the sunlight to watch it bloom, I usually followed it down to the depths of the soft, dank Earth where the creepy crawlies lurked.

Night time was no reprieve from those intrusive wanderings, they crept into my thoughts and chilled me to my marrow. My only defense was the blanket hugging me. It was The Wall that protected me from the Wildings on the other side. Shivering and afraid, I would stay awake into the endless hours of the night, until dawn arrived with his golden sword and threatened to chase the darkness away.

Doesn’t sound inviting, huh? More like terrifying. Well, yes, it was. But time has a way of changing our views. I once believed my nightmares and macabre daydreams were some sort of lineage curse (my mother and grandmother both suffer from nightmares). But now, I’m able to appreciate these thoughts and memories from my childhood.

I write horror, thriller, bump in the night type stories. I love to draw inspiration from my own horrific imaginings and terrorize my readers. It’s fun *evil laugh*. I smile as I write the scenes that burrow dread inside my chest where it waits to swallow me whole, and hope beyond hope that my readers feel it too.

Suspense and I haven’t always had the most agreeable of relationships, but I’m happy to say we are the closest of friends. She no longer follows me, a shadow at my heels. Now I can invite her for help, and am also able to politely ask her to leave.

My world is cast in perpetual twilight. Enough gloom to envision what is not there, and enough light to view the umbra as no more than shade.

I have the best of both!

I have been asked more than once ‘why are you smiling?’ to which I reply, ‘because I want to’. I enjoy bright colors, fantasy, love stories, and laughing as a dad gets whacked in his nether regions on America’s Funniest Videos. I don’t wallow in black clothing, or dark reads, or scary movies, although I have been known to do these. I have enough morbid imagination without adding to it. I am an overall happy person who is more than willing to strike up a conversation with a stranger. I am also a recluse who wants to be in my jammies, away from people, and nose deep in whatever book I am currently reading. I like to stay on the bright side, it’s more cheerful over here.

Never far are those insistent thoughts though, and I am always glad to write them out and use them to scare others.

My genre of choice is Horror. Come, let me scare you!

I’d love to know what you write and why.



6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Choice”

  1. A lot of people look down on “genre writers.” I believe it’s stems from ignorance. I’ve written a military memoir, historical fiction, a “literary” novel, and now I’m four books into a mystery series. What some people don’t realize is the fact that good writing is simply that — good writing. One of my favorite authors is the late Ross Macdonald. His Lew Archer mysteries are some of the most profound writing you’ll find, genre be damned. Thanks for a very interesting post!

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    1. Yes! I agree, good writing is good writing.
      I do not ever start with a genre in mind. But mostly I delve on the side of horror and thriller. I have no qualms about labeling my work.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. And thank you for the recommendation. Will need to check in to Lew Archer.

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  2. I’ve dabbled in multiple genres too. I finished a new adult contemporary but wasn’t in love with it. I’m currently writing a dystopian and am pretty excited about it! I tend to write either dark comedy contemporary or fantasy, or science fiction/dystopian. My mind hangs out in the dark and creepy as well.

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  3. Love this blog post 🙂
    I have taken a long while to settle on the genre that worked best for me. I wrote a children’s fantasy (and currently have an idea for another one), a teenage dystopian (of sorts) and am now writing a character driven murder mystery. So I suppose it’s kind of crime/thriller. Always more about the characters involved than the actual crime. I have at least 2 more ideas that follow this genre, so I think this is my area for now!
    Thought provoking post, thank you!

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    1. It’s always fun to expire different writing styles but there I think there will always be that one that ‘fits’.
      I have written a short story in children’s fantasy and I absolutely loved it. I’ve actually thought about posting it here.
      These post are honestly just journalistic for me. A way to organize my cluttered mind so I am glad it was thought provoking for you.
      Thank you for reading and responding!

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