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Be A Storyteller

Good Writing Vs. Storytelling

Hello, Creatives!

Hope everyone’s words/page counts have stayed high. Mine has not. Netflix is not my friend! Sam and Dean Winchester, they can be my friends. 🙂

For those of you who read this, thank you for the support you give me on my writing journey. It is so nice to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passions and struggle with the same self-doubts. This one is for you, and me.

Drop me a comment. I would love to chat!




I always strive for better writing. I want my readers to forget the act of reading. I want them to envision the story, to live it alongside the characters. I want them to smell the smoke from the fire, I want them to feel the pang in their chest when a beloved friend is killed, I want the surge of determination to flood their emotions when the story leads the protagonist to fight in which they can’t back down.

Writing is a craft in which there is no master, so I’ve heard. There are always ways of improvement. I think we owe it to ourselves as writers, and to our potential readers, to strive for better. To pursue as apprentices and learn, and relearn, all that we can from those before us and those around us.

That does not mean we should hold out on producing our work. We must share it as is. Maybe my writing won’t impact a reader as much as Neil Gaiman, or Michael Crichton, or C.S. Lewis, or Sylvia Plath. That is alright! What matters is my story. The words can be learned, and will eventually come.

I have characters inside me, mysteries, worlds, all wanting to be shared. Should I hide them because I am still a student who will never earn her certificate? I don’t think so, and I don’t want to. Yes, my writing can be improved in many ways. Yes, I am still learning. But what I want more than to be a good writer, is to be a good storyteller.

I have read my fair share of books, in all genres, from a span of decades, and it isn’t the words that keep me captivated time and again. It is the story! Sometimes, I know the writing isn’t great, the characters are unreadable, holes pop up in the plot line, but I continue to read because the story is still worth it. It is still amazing in its entirety. Someone chipped away at their imagination and recovered this jewel. How can I turn away from it because I don’t understand, or initially enjoy their writing technique?

I’ll be truthful. I have refused to finish a book before, but never because of the writing. Because of the storyline. I do understand that not everyone can tolerate weak writing. But maybe you may find a gem beneath those clichés and stale sentences.

I’m speaking for myself here (think of this post as more of a personal pep talk).

I’m not afraid of critique, I value it. I want to be told where my weak spots are so I may strengthen them and move forward. But I refuse to harbor my stories until they are ‘perfect’. Blah! Who wants perfect anyway? I’d rather have flawed writing and a kick ass story any day.

So here ends my confidence boost.

May your writing be mediocre, and your story be riveting!



3 thoughts on “Be A Storyteller”

  1. Another wonderful blog post – we’ve missed you on here!
    Try not to get disheartened about the word count – Distractions are a problem for all of us, and with the business of day to day life it’s natural to want to unwind with a good TV show!

    Your post is so true. It’s so important to tell stories and to tell them well.

    I hope you get back on track soon ❤


    1. Than you so much! Your kind words made my day. So nice to know my absence was felt. 🙂
      I am back on track, thank goodness. Have had some lengthy late night writing sessions and have blown past a few goals of mine.
      Glad you could relate and agree! Happy writing. ❤📝

      Liked by 1 person

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