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Horns- Book Review

HornsHorns by Joe Hill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my first book to read by Joe Hill and I already have him back on my ‘to be read’ list.
His words are fluid, and I was quickly immersed in Iggy Perish’s life. Which, in the case of Horns, is equal parts good and bad.
Ig Perish wakes up to find lumps protruding from his forehead, and the uncomfortable truth buried deep within every living person spews from their mouth in his presence due to the horns overtaking his head.
Ig lives in a town where he is unwanted, watched with scornful eyes. Everyone knows he raped and killed his girlfriend, Merrin. Without evidence, he is never convicted, but given the name of murderer regardless.
Lies trail Ig from adolescence and surface through his grief. As his story unfolds, his new-found ability unearths an unbelievable truth about the murder and the possible cover-up of his late love and about who hurt Merrin.
Hill captures the psyche of a self-diluted, grieving Ig so much so that I could only muster this book in small doses. Most of the story takes place in Ig’s own mind as he mulls over details of who he is without Merrin and the events leading up to her death. It’s truly impressive how much empathy I mustered for this character, but it was also overwhelming and depressing.
Horns has a dark humor to it that does a fair job of evening out the melancholy.
Over all, I was impressed with Hill’s writing and found Horns an interesting read. This book is not for a reader who craves action and suspense. This is a psychological thriller and a work that forces the reader to ponder their own truths.

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