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The Lonely Writer Needs a Friend


Writing is many forms of release, each one dependent upon the writer. We often write to feel connected to others, but writing is also a lonely art.

We want to jump for joy and shout when we burst through writer’s block and come out triumphant. We want to celebrate the proud moment we fill those pesky plot holes, when we meet a new goal or rise above a word count. But oft times, we may be the only writer in our niche of friends and family. And those celebrations are cut short when no one shares in our excitement. So we pat ourselves on the back and give a silent *Woo Hoo!*.

Other times, we may fall into those pits of self-doubt or get wrapped up in a destructive cycle of procrastination. Again, our inner circle lacks the ability to lift us from those slumps. They do not understand the stress and fatigue that comes with writing.

We writers create people, entire worlds, from our own imaginings. Each word, an extension or ourselves. But staying so tightly wound within our own minds can be lonesome.

The lonely writer needs a friend.

Writer communities are found in every form of social media, from Instagram (you can find me here.), to Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Websites like Wattpad, The Write Practice, and WritersCafe are great places to find like minded individuals. There are endless resources for writer’s, and endless corners of the internet to find the perfect writer friend. Maybe it’s not online at all. Maybe, a creative writing class is offered in your community. Maybe, you know someone who knows a writer.

However it comes about, find your community. Lean on those who know what your going through and who will help celebrate your victories.

My best friend is a writer, and I am lucky to have her cheering me on. But I can not express enough how creating this blog has lead me to find some amazing writers, those who I look up to and draw inspiration from.

Writing may be lonely, but we are not alone.


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