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The Silver Bullet- Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives!

Happy Friday. I am so excited to share today’s flash fiction with you. I was so pleased and surprised at how this one turned out. Honestly, I did not see that coming.

Today’s picture prompt comes from uninspiredwriters Instagram page. She seriously knows how to inspire me, so thanks M for helping out my muse.

Please remember that these flash fictions are meant as personal inspiration and are rarely edited with precision. But every and all critique is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy!



Layla waited by the window, her packed suitcase on the table in front of her. It had been packed for months and in fifteen minutes her Uber driver would arrive. That is all the time it took for her new life to begin. She was about to start a journey that she never imagined she would make alone.

On the wall to the right of the window was the map, the dream board, that Stacy and her created. Push pins marked all the places they would stop at as they made their way across Route 66 until making it to their final destination, California.

Layla toyed with the charm bracelet around her wrist as she studied the map. It was a gift from Stacy and she annually added to it each Halloween, Layla’s favorite holiday once upon a time. Her fingers passed over a smiling ghost, a yellow-eyed mummy, a smirking vampire, and a howling werewolf.

She dropped her hand and moved to the wall behind her. Stacy looked down at her from every direction, her smile locked within the Polaroid pictures clothes pinned to the flimsy wooden frames they had built together. Looking at the photographs, Layla could not believe that only one year ago they were both here, happy and free. Alive.

That all changed the night of the ‘Hex House Murder’. Or so the local newspaper called it.

Layla reached out and plucked a single photo from the wall. The picture of Nathan. He peered at her with blue eyes, his athletics arms crossed over his chest as he leaned against the yellow wall of the Chicken Coop, where Stacy and Layla worked last summer, and where he first met them both. He was a college student, he said. Making his way home on Route 66. Stacy and Layla were so taken by his charm, they were oblivious to his lies.

Outside, a horn honked. Layla folded the picture and stuffed it into her back pocket before grabbing her suitcase and heading out to the curb without a backward glance to her late friend. She needed to leave Stacy behind.

Layla was met with swarms of little witches and princess, ghosts, and superheroes, all who smiled contently as they held their plastic pumpkin buckets and made their way to the nearest doorbell.

The suitcase slipped from her grasp in the commotion and as she bent to pick it up her shirt lifted, showing the pistol strapped to her waist. She quickly tugged her shirt down, concealing the weapon. She took note to wear looser fitting clothes in the future. She must not draw attention to herself, not yet.

She slid into the backseat of the car. The driver pulled away and steered them down the street and away from her old life. Layla watched the laughing children shovel sugary snacks into their gullet. Mindless drones, she thought. What would they do if they knew. Those monsters they dressed up as, they are real.

Halloween was a day of feeding not for their pudgy fingers, but for the creatures that hide in the shadows.

Layla pulled out the picture of the Nathan and stared at him again. So began her journey across Route 66. And she would not stop until she put a silver bullet in his back.


2 thoughts on “The Silver Bullet- Flash Fiction Friday”

  1. First of all I am completely touched about what you said about my page and prompts ❤ Means so much. But of course, writing prompts only work if the writer has the imagination to take a few simple lines and turn it into something wonderful…

    ..and you always do! I loved this piece! I'm so glad it surprised you, because it's awesome when writing does that. It surprised me too, and I love how you managed to create such a strong sense of character with Layla in such a short piece.

    Super awesome, as always!! x


  2. You are very welcome. I’m so glad I found your page. These flash fiction pieces have helped my writing and your prompts are seeds from which many of them grow.

    I love when writing surprises me and this piece very much did. It was ablast to write. I’m happy you enjoyed it! ☺


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