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Vengeance Road – Book Review

Vengeance Road (Vengeance Road, #1)Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vengeance Road is a book brimming with secrets, revenge, and gunfire. A fun, well-rounded story that kept me turning the page until the end.

Kate comes home to find her Pa hanging from a tree, beaten, a corkscrew shape carved into his forehead, and their home aflame behind him. She has lost everything, except a name and a journal. The Rose Gang.

Kate (a.k.a Nate) poses as a boy and vows to track down the killers. She’s tasted justice, and will not stop until Rose, the leader of the notorious gang, pays for what he did to her family.

Along the way, she meets Jesse and Will, the sons of her Pa’s old friend. They agree to help her in exchange for what is hidden in the pages of her Pa’s journal, the one he was murdered for. They strike a bargain.

Together, the three follow the map inside her Pa’s journal, but with each truth revealed, and the closer they get to Rose, the more dangerous the territory and the more dangerous the price of their failure.

The Old West was captured in this book. An unforgiving, untamed world where prejudice controls the way of life and the law is not to be relied upon.

This book had everything a good western story needs: gunfire, a trusted horse to lead into the distance, a secret gold mine, and a bittersweet romance. I flew through this book. Every page pulled me to the past, and I felt like I was slinging my revolver right beside Kate. This book was something new and unique, and I fell in love with these characters and Bowman’s writing.

Kate is a rough, no shits given, kind of girl. She is ruthless and a good shot, which gets her in enough trouble. She felt authentic and easy to empathize for. I could not get enough of her.

I am excited to continue this story with Erin’s second volume, Retribution Rails.

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