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Against Grey Skies- Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives!

Happy, happy Friday. And yay for flash fiction.

I was so inspired by uninspiredwriters picture prompt on her Insta page. Check her out! She posts amazing picture and word prompts all the time.

I really liked how this one turned out. So much mystery and emotion.

Although these flash fictions are primarily for an inspirational benefit, any and all critique is appreciated. Thanks for reading!



She was like a sunflower on a rainy day, a spec of color against the grey skies that reflected the sorrow in my heart.

Lottie reached her eighth year within the Garden walls. She was far older than any other Eve, but I was happy to keep her with me for as long as possible. I wanted her to have a childhood, no matter what else was ingrained into those years. I sang her the songs of our old world, I painted her pictures in the sand. I gave her love, even if it was forbidden.

Now, I watched as she followed the ramp down to the water, waiting to board the wooden boat and leave me forever.

She paused at the bottom, staring out at the jagged rocks encompassing the lake. But I knew she looked beyond them, to the life she was groomed for, to the person she would be.

Lottie swayed in the wind but stood tall despite the elements. She never feared, she never hesitated. She would bend to no one but stand resolutely against the leaders of the new world, the barbarians that scrubbed us nearly from existence.

She would be the one to accomplish what all the other wards failed to do. I should have been happy, relieved to know our fate was in her hands. Yet, in my heart, she was my daughter, and although she was steadfast, I feared for her and for what may happen if she failed.

Lottie, the last of my litter, stood in her yellow raincoat and white sneakers. Still a child in many ways, but a trained spy and killer in every other. Her target’s name was engraved in her mind. She knew him as she knew herself.

Her time with me in the Garden was over. I must lose her if we are to save everyone else. She had to leave.

Lottie boarded the skiff and pushed off, paddling herself into history. She never turned around to say good-bye.


1 thought on “Against Grey Skies- Flash Fiction Friday”

  1. You’ve created such a brilliant story here! As always, your ability to turn a few short lines into something with some much depth and mystery is amazing. I could read more and more of this, because I am desperate to find out what’s in store for Lottie and how she handles it, and if she ever returns to the Garden!

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