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Two Boys- Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives.

Hope everyone had a great week. I am battling a cold and have not written much but managed these few paragraphs.

Inspired by the fantastic Uninspiredwriters Instagram page, here is a bit of flash fiction for you. Check out her Insta page for some great inspiration and story prompts.

Again, these flash fictions are means as personal inspo, but any and all critique is welcome. Thanks!



For Thomas and Ryan, two boys, two brothers, being alone in the world was a wonderful thing. Their family was no more than themselves and their parents, living on what seemed the height of the world. Miles from the nearest town, their home provided them the freedom to explore, create, and play tag until their lungs seemed ready to give out.

But Thomas’s imagination extended further than the golden, rolling hills that surrounded them. Father always said, “People are dangerous. We live without questions so the world can die without answers.”

Thomas did not understand what he meant, but he suspected it had something to do with his younger brother. Ryan was just like Thomas, in almost every way. But, sometimes, Ryan would go into what Mama called fits. He would not eat, drink, or even blink for hours, maybe even days if the fit was bad enough. When he did come to, Ryan would cry big alligator tears. Silently shaking his head in disbelief at whatever it was he saw behind those frozen eyes.

Father warned Thomas about asking too many questions of what Ryan saw in his fits. “Nothing good makes a boy cry like that.”

Thomas kept his wonderings to himself. Until, Ryan’s fit devoured more than his mind, but took Mama’s too. Ryan came back, but Mama stayed trapped in wherever it was that Ryan took her to. She shivered and shook, and tears rolled down her cheeks, yet she showed no sign of exiting the stupor she was in. After three weeks lost in the fog behind her eyes, she passed, and the boy’s world seemed to turn to dust.

Ryan, his small mind unable to process the grief, delved into a deep fit. And this time, he pulled Father in as well. Father passed faster than Mama.

Thomas was left alone to bury his parents, his small hands blistered and bleeding from the three days work it took to dig their graves. He sat near Ryan at night, waiting for a sign of his brother’s return.

When Ryan blinked himself out of his trance he searched for Thomas, finding him asleep next to him. He gently shook his big brother awake. “We have to leave. We have to warn them.”

Thomas did not question his little brother, his father’s words ringing in his ears. No questions. But maybe, Thomas would find answers. The boys packed few necessities, and Thomas took Ryan’s hand in his as they set out. Two boys, full of fear, and in pursuit of an adventure far beyond the games they used to play.


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