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Broken Moon – Book Review

Broken MoonBroken Moon by Sarah Beth Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given an ARC of Broken Moon by Sarah Beth Moore in exchange for an honest review, and I am so glad I accepted.

This book was 347 pages of nonstop intrigue!

Looking at the page count after receiving the file, it felt a bit daunting. But, once my eyes drifted past the last word I wanted more, no, I needed more.

We meet Naiya, an adopted orphan who lives in a city secured behind fifty-foot walls. Naiya and her adoptive brother Enoch are approached late one night by their older sister Amy who does not entirely seem like she is their sister. She rambles out a few words before plummeting to her death by walking off the edge of an airstrip.

When Naiya insists that she and Enoch follow the body of their not-sister after it is taken by the Home Guard, monstrous mutated humans who serve as enforcement in their City, they find themselves entangled in a conspiracy of stolen babies, missing and duplicated people, an entanglement that reaches deep into Naiya’s unknown past.

Enoch’s father and Naiya’s adoptive Papa send them and their younger brother Pip on a journey to uncover the true power of Naiya’s surname, the hidden history of the City and the Party officials, and the heinous experiments that are carried out on the citizens trapped within the walls of the City.

Moore’s storytelling was marvelous. The action was so evenly paced, and every moment, every word was used to pull me along. Whenever the suspense slowed, it was an opportunity to reveal truths, character development, and plot twists. Her world building felt effortless and believable.
And that tension between Naiya and Enoch! Come on, it can’t be that wrong for her to fall for him, right? Their interactions are done so well. They are a strong team that on the surface feels like the ultimate brother-sister bond, but underlying is a powerhouse of feels that I wanted to see let loose.

The first in any series is always the build-up for the rest, and can seem incomplete at the end, but not Broken Moon. Moore wrapped up loose ends while simultaneously paving the way for more questions and intrigue.
This was a fantastic first volume to her series.

I will say, I had two minor issues with the story.

First, the intro was mainly telling. Which I understand, because the plot starts moving almost immediately that we needed this information to understand why and how things work. However, at the very beginning, I found myself hoping the entire book was not like that.

Second, the secret history of Naiya’s ancestors and their purpose to the story was a bit lost on me. I understood what it was, but the explanation did not feel thorough enough. Not that I was not able to understand as I continued to read, but I think it could have been rounded out a bit better.

Overall, this was a great read. Fun, fast-paced. Lots of questions and great characters. Look forward to her next installment. If you like YA dystopian, pick up her book. You won’t be sorry.

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