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The Winter People – Book Review

The Winter PeopleThe Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Winter People is a story that clings to your unconscious mind and will periodically peek it’s head out in unwanted moments. For me, it mostly happens when I consider a dark closet.

The year is 1908. We meet Sara through her personal diary. Sara has a near-obsessive relationship with her daughter, Gertie. Gertie is her light, her beacon of hope, after so many failed pregnancies. Gertie follows her father into the woods while he tracks a fox. But when he returns, Sara is frantic. Gertie is not with him and it has been hours since she was last seen.

Sara spirals into a deep and maddened grief when Gertie is found dead at the bottom of a well. Sara conjures a dark magic learned years ago from a medicine woman to see her Gertie once more.

The story jumps ahead to present day. We follow several storylines whose lives all intertwine based on the decisions of a woman, Sara, who lived decades before them.

Something supernatural dwells in the woods, and if they are not careful they will all fall victim to a creature who is faced with a fate worse than death.

As much as I enjoyed the suspense and terror in this novel, the writing was a bit hard to overcome. It jumps through several points of views, some in the present tense, some in past. The only solid voice was that of Sara’s as she navigates through her grief.

Also, a few characters felt unnecessary. I didn’t feel like there was much closure or tied ends for these sub characters.

I enjoyed the book. It had me peeking around the corners of the pages, making sure there were no shifting shadows or sneaking children.

If you want a book that keeps you on edge and that makes you rethink dark corners, pick up The Winter People.

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