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Hearts Are Like Balloons – Book Review

Hearts Are Like BalloonsHearts Are Like Balloons by Candace Robinson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hearts Are Like Balloons is a book about love and loss, loss, and love.
Robinson captures very poignant moments in the life of adolescent May that will undoubtedly relate in various ways to all readers. I know it did for me.
Grief from her father’s cancer diagnosis, then his abrupt suicide threatens to shake and shatter May’s entire life.
She finds reprieve in a new job at a bookstore, and her new coworker, Nico.
But with death comes new life, as May and Nico tumble into a relationship and shortly after, an unexpected pregnancy. May and Nico are determined to work together to create a home for their baby, but grief strikes again when May loses their child only months from birth.
May shrinks into herself, shutting out Nico and the world.
Years pass and May works to dig herself out the pit of despair she becomes trapped inside.
When the time comes to leave home, she does so with a new understanding of herself and of what her future might be without the cloak of grief encasing her. But fate would have it, her new neighbor is the embodiment of her dark and sad memories.
Nico and May must find a way to coexist within such close parameters, the pain still fresh and raw.
I cried, I smiled, I felt warm and fuzzy while reading this book. My heart heaved with May, and I felt that flutter in my chest when she fell for Nico.
Robinson does not disappoint in this book.
I will admit, there were places that the writing was stronger, the voice of May more prominent. But not so much that I would turn away from the story.
If you are looking for a quick, heart wrenching and heartwarming story, Hearts Are Like Balloons is a perfect read.

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