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Eliza And Her Monsters – Book Review

Eliza and Her MonstersEliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eliza And Her Monsters is a book that when you finish, you need a long moment to let the impact of the story truly seep in.
I could relate to Eliza on many levels, some of which I did not wholly grasp until well after I had finished the last page.
I appreciated this story, and realize how much I could have used it as an adolescent.
Eliza is a loner, odd, and snickered at on the daily. She is the anonymous teenage creator of one of the internet’s most followed webcomics, known as LadyConsteallation.
Her only friends are those she meets online.
Eliza’s family does not understand her obsession with the virtual world and constantly pushes her to be in the present. But Eliza does not care about sports, or school, or finding any connection to the human world. Not until Wallace shows up in her life, a new student at her high school.
Eliza and Wallace form a slow friendship and through him, Eliza finds she might not be as alone in the world as she feels.
But Wallace has his own reasons to be shy, quiet, and lonesome.
When Eliza’s secret identity is revealed, and her many followers begin to speculate about who she is, can Eliza fight through her wariness and self-doubt? Can Wallace forgive her lies? Or will they both suffer the realities that they have fought hard to distance themselves from?
I flew through this book. There is not a lot of suspense that keeps you on edge. But for me, it was how real and raw Zappia captured the truth of a teenage introvert and the hardships and uncertainties they face that kept my attention.
Zappia’s writing is precise and relatable.
The voice of Eliza was one I knew well, one I once used myself.
Wallace and Eliza’s interactions felt authentic. It was not so much their romance that held them together, but the connection to another human being, the light they brought into each other’s darkness.
I am so very happy to have read this book. I recommend to anyone who has ever felt disconnected, to anyone wondering about their place in the world. Sometimes those connections we make are the very ones that will save us when we need it most.

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