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Flames and Teeth- Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives! Happy Friday. Time for another flash fiction. Today's piece is very short. I am currently on vacation but still wanted to share my weekly writing. Picture prompt comes from writing_is_my_anchor Instagram page. Need inspiration? Check out her page and take your pick! Please remember, these flash fictions serve as personal inspiration and not… Continue reading Flames and Teeth- Flash Fiction Friday

Live to Write, readtolivetowrite

Life for a Life- Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives! Happy Friday. Can not believe it's here already. I am loving the accountability of flash fiction Friday, keeps me going when I would dearly love to kick off my shoes, lounge on the couch and binge watch Supernatural (because seriously, I'm hooked on that show after waiting so long to watch it.) Anywho,… Continue reading Life for a Life- Flash Fiction Friday

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The Hundredth Queen Review

The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King My rating: 4 of 5 stars Whew, I read this one fast. Like a day and a half, fast. The plot isn't anything I haven't seen before: young protag is destined to do great things and save her people and the world. But I appreciated how Emily King… Continue reading The Hundredth Queen Review

Live to Write, readtolivetowrite

Creative Writing Class

Hello, my creative souls! I want to give an update on my writing progress. It's taken me a while to juggle all the new things in my life, all positive, and all writer/reader related. I recently started a bookstagram account, linked here, I've created this blog that I have yet to understand all of its… Continue reading Creative Writing Class

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Get to Know Me

Hello, world. I am super nervous writing this post. It's my first one. I think you're always nervous with the first one, ya know. Don't know how it'll feel. Did I spend too much time working up the courage and now that it's here it's nothing special? Maybe it's not a good fit, not for… Continue reading Get to Know Me