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Story Spin

Hello, creatives! I want to share something that I have recently been thinking about. A time when my muse was young and we were still only acquaintances. When I mistrusted her and myself. ** I can recall the first time I realized how similar one of my stories was to another. It was heartache. To… Continue reading Story Spin

Live to Write, readtolivetowrite

A Nightling’s Tale cont. – Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives! I am so excited to continue with my Nightling's Tale. This is so much fun to write. Eerie and dark, my favorite kind of writing. *mwah ha, ha* I hope you enjoy this flash fiction piece that is slowly turning into something more tangible. This is not a perfectly edited piece and is… Continue reading A Nightling’s Tale cont. – Flash Fiction Friday

Live to Write, readtolivetowrite

Four Ways out of a Writer’s Slump

Hello, creatives! Today I thought I’d share the four ways I draw up inspiration when my muse refuses to cooperate. *** Ambient Mixer This amazing app transfers me from my laptop to thousands of different atmospheres. If I want to study in the Gryffindor Common Room, I’m there. If I need the pitter patter of… Continue reading Four Ways out of a Writer’s Slump