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A Nightling’s Tale cont. – Flash Fiction Friday

Hello, creatives! I am so excited to continue with my Nightling's Tale. This is so much fun to write. Eerie and dark, my favorite kind of writing. *mwah ha, ha* I hope you enjoy this flash fiction piece that is slowly turning into something more tangible. This is not a perfectly edited piece and is… Continue reading A Nightling’s Tale cont. – Flash Fiction Friday

Live to Write, readtolivetowrite

The Holiday Spirit (or whatever)

Hello, my creatives. I wanted to share another piece of writing. This is the entry to a contest I entered at the end of last year. It was a 1500 word limit. It's not my most impressive writing and the story has been done before, but I was still pleased with the outcome. I've thought… Continue reading The Holiday Spirit (or whatever)

Live to Write, readtolivetowrite

Creative Writing Class

Hello, my creative souls! I want to give an update on my writing progress. It's taken me a while to juggle all the new things in my life, all positive, and all writer/reader related. I recently started a bookstagram account, linked here, I've created this blog that I have yet to understand all of its… Continue reading Creative Writing Class